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As part of my university course I had to collaborate with other students to develop a new Digital Publishing idea. After much research and deliberation we decided to head down the route of book recommendations when travelling, and BookMark Travel was created.

Our Mission Statement

What do you do when you’re out of books right before you fly off on your next travelling adventure? You turn to Bookmark-Travel, your page in travel. Our itinerary based website provides book enthusiasts with the best reads for their journey. With our drop box system, users can search for books about the country or city they are visiting. They can get involved with discussions and comments from our other users and share opinions about their favourite books. We want to give literature back to the public; ignore those ‘Top 10 holiday reads’ chosen by the big brands, and take your choices into your own hands. Discover the forgotten, re-brand the old and ignite the new flame in literature from the readers themselves.

It is still a work in progress but you might be able to find recommendations based on your destination.

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Bring Storytime Back


Harper Collins Executive Chief, Charlie Redmayne has told publishers to ‘take storytelling back from digital rivals.‘ On Thursday he’ll be at a conference talking about how publishers have allowed the digital industry to take over their role of storytelling.

He believes that they can ‘take their space back‘ by making products more available in other medias, such as gaming and apps. One of the most creative industries in the world have faltered after their developments into e-books, they believe that this is far enough into the digital revolution. Are they right? Will publishers survive the oncoming era? I believe that books will always live on but there will be a point in which the companies will suffer from the move into technological story telling. They need to be available to everyone through many different means, providing outlets for not just readers but gamers and those less comfortable in bookshops.

One of the first things Redmayne said when he started at H.C. was ‘I am a book person and I am passionate about books’ but ‘If you haven’t got great books, it doesn’t matter how good you are in digital or marketing, you have nothing’

Jennifer Rankin, writer for the Guardian, has written more on the subject here.

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