Marvel: Agents of Shield


So a big part of me wants to write about what happened in the episode of Marvel; Agents of Shield – Turn, Turn, Turn, last night… but you have to have seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier to really understand what happened, and technically I shouldn’t have even seen it yet. It hasn’t been shown in the UK, and I very cheekily watched it online… But I couldn’t help myself. The series may have had a slow start and been a bit disappointing to begin with, but these last couple of episodes have just gotten better and better. Sexual tensions are increasing, the action is getting more intense, and the secrets are unraveling. The Whedon brothers have really pulled it around.

I read today that the reason it was so slow was because they weren’t allowed to hint too much as to what was to come in CA, which now makes a lot of sense.

This last episode had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I became quite stressed when I realised I would have to wait till next week to find out what happens. It’s a massive cliffhanger!

Granted the series still holds nothing compared to Firefly, Buffy, and Dollhouse; but I definitely think that it has the potential to go further. The characters are just starting to get interesting.

If you do want to read spoilers and all that jazz then a fantastic article I read today can be found HERE by Oliver Sava

Personally I’ll wait till the end of the series to write a proper review, so watch this space…. And keep going if you’re getting a little bored – it gets so much better!!