Is Amazon Destroying our Writers?


Until recently I have loved using the Amazon site, having it as my go to destination for new books and other products. Its low prices are enticing for anyone, and as a student I have found its convenience unparalleled. However recently, after listening to a lecture on the dynamic company, I have come to realise that it is not as great as we have all been led to believe. For the consumer it works wonders, giving such a wide choice of books, with different prices for varying qualities and cheap, if not free delivery. It also provides synopses and reviews so you can read up before you purchase.

So what’s the harm? To a lot of people there is none, but for writers, Amazon is helping destroy many careers. Because they are an international company they are easily able to send their books all over the globe, as well as providing online via Kindles, doing this takes away each territorial right. Usually a writer would get paid for each country their book is released in but this has now been revoked due this scheme. As an aspiring author this is not good news for me or anyone else in my situation. It means that unless your novel is a raging success, it would be very difficult to have a career through it. So though it may be easier to get published (as an e-book) the royalties are lost.


Since learning the lack of income writers get from this system I have made an effort to buy more of my books from stores instead, usually Waterstones but when possible I get them from independent stores. Unfortunately Amazon is still my main provider, due to cost and convenience, and it worries me that this will continue to be the way in the future.

We have to start to wonder whether our good writers will suffer and survive through the ‘Amazon Revolution’.

One ‘pro’ of Amazon is their imagination and communication with the public, it can be very enticing


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